4 Tips To Make The Exterior Of Your Home Beautiful

Saturday, July 8, 2017
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Getting the exterior of your home just right is a fine balancing act. We all want a home that has fabulous curb appeal and stands out among the others in your area. However, if you overdo it, you’re going to make it the eyesore of the neighborhood. If you’re planning to do some work on the exterior of your home, and you want to hit the nail on the head, keep some of these tips in min
Balance Out Shapes with Symmetry
Just like your interior spaces, symmetry and balance play an important part in achieving a well-designed exterior. The look of every home needs at least some semblance of symmetry in order to look appealing to the average person. Obviously, we’re not all blessed with beautiful Georgian homes, where the door is centered and the windows flank it perfectly, or a home where peaked roofs are completely symmetrical. However, there are still many ways to achieve a look of symmetry on the exterior of your home. Flanking the door with identical planters with the same plants growing in them is one simple, yet effective method.

Color Combinations
As with the interiors, the color scheme you choose for the exterior of your home will make a big difference to how it looks and feels. If it’s applied properly, it will hide structural flaws. If not, you’ll highlight flaws instead. The easiest and most effective approach to exterior color schemes is choosing two shades or tints of the same color, a couple of shades apart on the same color strip. Use one shade for the body of the house, and the other for the trim. Finally, if it’s in the budget, paint your doors with a third, contrasting color to really emphasize them. The ways you can use color to trick the eye and emphasize your favorite elements really are endless!

Light it Up
Don’t let your home become a big, ominous mass when the sun goes down. Good exterior lighting maintenance is essential for night-time curb appeal. Aside from the obvious fixtures that line your garage door, there are various other forms of outdoor lighting you can use to spruce up the exterior of your home. If you’ve got a covered entryway and an older home, a subtle, yet tasteful chandelier could be a wonderful touch. Solar-powered stake lights are also a popular option for the front lawn.

Do Some Landscaping
Landscaping has a huge influence on curb appeal, and it involves much more than planting a single sapling in the front yard. In many cases, it’s the smaller, well-placed plants that add the most appeal to a home. To give yourself the best start, do a little research on your local soil and native plants. Nursery staff are usually very knowledgeable on these subjects. They’ll be able to tell you what works best in local lawns, and may even help you draw up landscaping plan for your yard. However you do it, put your green thumb to work!

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