Finding Time To Exercise With A Baby

Wednesday, July 5, 2017
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Having a baby eliminates a lot of your free time. When those golden moments of leisure time do happen, few of us will spend this time exercising. After all looking after the little one is draining enough! However, keeping fit is important and shouldn’t be sacrificed at the expense of having a child. Although you may not have time to go to the gym, many everyday tasks can be transformed into exercises for the dual purpose of getting fit and getting things around the house done.
Turn household chores into exercises
Cleaning the house can be mundane at the best of times, but why not make it twice as productive by also using it as a chance to work out? Vacuuming can be a great time to throw in some lunges and by picking up and moving furniture and vacuuming under it you can exercise your arms. Scrubbing meanwhile can be a great arm workout – whether you’re scrubbing kitchen countertops, walls, or bathroom tiles. You can even take the baby with you by strapping them into a baby sling – this will add extra weight making your workout more effective. Your baby may even enjoy the motions and see it as a game.

Try the baby bench press
Speaking of babies making good weights, why not try the baby bench press as an arm strengthening exercise? Most babies love being lifted up and down. As they grow bigger, you’ll essentially be gradually upping the weight as if you were at the gym. Fit Pregnancy offers all kinds of exercises that you can do with your infant.

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Buy a jogging stroller
Many women will abandon jogging the moment they become mothers. Jogging with a baby carriage isn’t easy – unless you buy a jogging stroller. These types of strollers are specifically built to go fast and can tackle bumpier terrain more quickly. A Jogging Strollers 101 guide can help anyone considering buying this type of stroller. Like any other stroller, there are lots of factors to consider such as the ability to flat-pack, storage and cost.

Exercise at work
If you’re working, it’s possible that this time could be used to get your fitness fix in. Some people may already have active jobs, in which case it may be easier to stay fit. However, if you work behind a desk, you may have to come up with more creative methods to get your exercise in. Swapping out your office chair for an exercise ball can be a great way of working out your core throughout the day. Alternatively, some people have taken steps to remove a chair altogether and opt for a standing desk. There are meanwhile many exercises that you can do at your desk – playfully named deskercises. These can be done on a normal chair throughout your working day. When I worked in an office environment, I loved talking walks at lunch with colleagues. It was a chance to take a break from work and catch up with workmates on a personal level.

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