How To Keep Your Home Cool During A Heatwave

Tuesday, July 11, 2017
When a heatwave hits, you'd better be prepared to avoid prolonged misery. Temperatures during this meteorological phenomenon rise sharply and remain high for a longer than average period of time. Heatwaves are not like an average spate of weather, because it’s also accompanied by high humidity, and due to this combination, the temperatures can rise 10-15 degrees above normal.

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Heatwaves are caused when high pressure cells develops over an area, which is directly caused by the lack of clouds, and the lack of moisture in the air traveling as it normally does around a geological region or country. It can drive many people to drastic measures as we become increasingly uncomfortable in the high heat and humidity. But with a few simple rules to follow, your can keep your home cool during even the most scathing bouts of heat.

The best cooling option
Let’s face it; you can’t get better cooling for the home than an air conditioner. This technology has multiple fans and computers that can read the situation your home is in, and respond adequately to make sure cold air is counter the heatwave. The key is, what kind of AC unit you have, as they’re not all the same, don’t perform the same functions and aren’t as powerful. For modern HVAC services, Advantage Air can help by installing anything from humidifiers, AC units, ventilation and help with a proper zoning, so no corner of your home is left too hot or too cold. The benefit of a technologically advanced HVAC service as mentioned is that you get a lot of information about just what is happening in your home, such as the air quality in your home, identifying mold and filtering harmful airborne pathogens to help reduce allergies. Aside from replacing HVAC filters regularly and an annual tuneup, the maintenance involved is very minimal.

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Strategic air flow
Heatwaves can be incredibly dangerous. The human body can only keep itself cool for so long before it starts to overheat and cause health issues. If you cannot keep cool, your brain will start to become impaired, which can lead to heat stroke, fainting and breathing trouble. The key for your home is to keep the air flowing naturally. Contrary to popular belief, there can be a light breeze even during a heatwave; this is what you’re going to harness. Open all the doors in your home and put a doorstop of some kind in front of them, so they don’t slam shut.

Beating the summer heat will require a nifty understanding of science to create natural ventilation. Team your rooms up by directing the breezeways of air through one and out the other. Open all the windows in say the bedroom and then open one window all the way in the adjacent room. This increases the speed of the air because it creates a vacuum tunnel where there’s an abundance of air coming in, but not enough air equalizing the air volume in the house by letting it out just as quick. This can be seen more apparently if you open the window of the room that’s immediate to the stairs, and opening the front door. The large opening has to try and equalize the small opening, and thus, through simple science, the airflow is accelerated creating a gust of cool air flowing through the home.

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