Best Online Reads

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The ten stories from around the web that I am loving this week:

1. Sixteen surreal landscapes found on Earth via Mother Nature Network.

2. Twenty essential truths that women over 50 want to share with younger women via Huffington Post.

3. The cities with the best quality of life in the world via Business Insider.

4. The ages at which you peak at everything throughout life via Independent.

5. Workouts to end treadmill boredom via Greatist.

6. How to fix a pimple, fast via Into The Gloss.

7. First world cat problems via Sad and Useless.

8. Things that make you look older than you really are via Redbook.

9. Five boozy ice-pops that will get you buzzed via Real Simple.

10. The best under $50 finds for your home via Domino.

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