How To Make The Most Of Minimal Kitchen Space

Friday, July 14, 2017
Are you feeling the heat in a cramped kitchen that doesn’t seem to have enough space for you? Well, it might be time to look at it from a different point of view. Even a small kitchen can be the little heart of the home. You just have to be smart about the space you have, realistic about what you can put in there, and ways you might even be able to use spaces outside the kitchen to improve your life inside it.

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Make better use of your current space
When dealing with a small kitchen, you’re looking at measuring the resourcefulness of that space very carefully. Nowadays, however, there are a lot of options that fit much better to a small space. Instead of installing a huge overhead fan, you can get a portable kitchen fan, for instance. For countertop ovens, the most comprehensive review is here, showing you alternatives that allow you to downsize your kitchen unit without having to take up the majority of your available space. There are even space-saving dishwashers available, such as integrated models no bigger than 18-inches wide that only take up a little drawer space.
Kill the clutter
One of the biggest issues a small kitchen owner will face is the lack of storage space. Workspaces and tables suddenly get very crowded and you’re spending more time surrounded by more clutter, which only makes you more miserable with the situation. However, there are a lot of ways to kill the clutter in the kitchen. You can go vertical, for instance, attaching hooks to the ceiling or wall to hang pots and pans from or a magnetic strip for your knives instead of a big knife block. You can use parts of your kitchen furniture you wouldn’t normally, such as adding pocket organizers or cup holders on the insides of doors or on the bare sides of cabinets. It will free up a lot of surface space, making you feel a lot less claustrophobic in your own kitchen.

Expand your horizons
If you have a small kitchen, trying to double it as a dining room will only highlight how small it really is. You can install features like a table that folds out from the wall. But you can also look outside the kitchen for your dining options. If you live somewhere with a nice climate, for instance, the answer might be looking outside. Check out my post on creating the perfect outdoor dining area to make better use of your outdoor space. Plus you will be creating a space that’s perfect for socializing on sunny days, too.

A small kitchen can be limiting, yes, but that doesn’t mean it has to be damning. Focus on what you can fit in there over what you can’t. Be flexible to make the space more comfortable.

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