How To Strike The Perfect Balance Between Chic and Comfort In Your Home

Saturday, July 22, 2017
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One of the hardest parts about sharing a home with someone is striking the right balance between what you both want. I like a modernist ‘adult’ feel, while my husband wants a comfortable vibe. Since we share the same space, it's important that each of us gets what we want, but that requires a bit of compromise. 

Here's how we strike a balance between comfort and chic.

To fully bring in chic to your home, it requires a deft touch and a sharp, modern taste. Luckily, furniture designers such as Joybird offers furniture that's bright, strong, sleek and beautiful. A chic aesthetic is all about ambience and mood. Lighting can help set the tone. Installing lighting such as silver length strip lighting on your ceiling, with a wall fixture that allows you to dim the warm glow of the light can help the room seem warm and inviting, yet provide clear and open illumination that helps your room seem spacious. How's that for chic and comfortable?!

Updating your home with modern appliances and devices that fit within the aesthetic of the room can be a huge addition in the effort to help your room seem uniform and ordered - a large part of the chic mindset.

Feeling comfortable is an art in and of itself, and it’s not something that is easily achieved in a home space. A chaotic room often hinders comfort, because it prevents your mind from relaxing. Whenever there is clutter, it's impossible for me to relax. Before I am able to relax, I have to clear the clutter and tidy the room. Once that's accomplished, you can add candles, throw pillows, throw rugs, as well as keeping your room well ventilated, yet warm enough to relax. Consider adding some of the time-honored methods of relaxing, such as using incense to provide natural scents that can bring a beautiful feeling of eastern calm over the room.

Home furnishings that also help the scent, such as potpourri, can also be useful. Comfort is mostly a sensual experience, it’s not only a feeling of physical relaxation, but somewhere you can direct your mind to experience something in a meditative way, taking a load off stress-free. For example, instead of constantly having a television playing in your home, why not craft your own book corner in your living room, one that faces the window and has its own music area? Doing everything you can to separate your own space for silent contemplation, reading and learning can help you take time to truly experience all of the efforts you’ve made in making your home the perfect comfortable and chic home.

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