Sporty Gift Ideas For Sporty Kids

Wednesday, July 19, 2017
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There are all kinds of gifts out there that for the sports lovers and sports players in your kid's life. They’re bound to love just about anything that's sports-related. Here are some of our go-to gifts when we are buying for sporty kids.

Sports Clothing
What team does the child you’re buying for support? Maybe you could buy them a a t-shirt or a baseball cap to wear while they’re playing, or simply lounging around. Some kids would love a jersey with their favorite player on the back or even a sweatshirt.

Subscription To A Sports Magazine
Maybe the sporty child you’re buying for also likes to read. A subscription to a sports magazine brings two of their passions together! Some magazines are more suitable for kids in the sense that there are more pictures than words. Either way, they’re bound to love learning more and more about the sports they love whenever they get a copy of a magazine through their door.

Sports Accessories and Equipment For The Yard
Your yard can become your child’s very own sports field or court, depending on what you put in it. You could get a basketball net, a golf club set, a dart board for a clear wall, a baseball and a bat, and there are many rackets and nets available too.. This allows the child to play their favorite sports while they’re at home, no need to go anywhere else. It’s also a great idea if they enjoy inviting friends over to play.

Tickets To A Sporting Event
Seeing a sporting event in person is entirely different to watching one on TV. The atmosphere can be electric, and if the child in your life hasn’t been to one before, this will be an incredible experience for them. The first time we took our kids to a major league baseball game, they were absolutely thrilled.

There are all kinds of tickets available depending on their interests, such as Ashes cricket tickets for all test matches, friendly away games, and more. It all depends on the sport they like and where you want to take them. Be warned that once they experience a game in real life, the true obsession with it will begin!

A Bike
A bike is a great way for kids to stay fit, and if they’re old enough, go to friends' houses and to school. A good bike will last for years, so make sure you research what’s best for their height, age, weight, etc.

Lessons In A New Sport
If this child is the kind that loves to try new things, perhaps lessons in a new sport would be appropriate? Maybe they’re pros at Karate but haven’t quite mastered dance. If they’ve mentioned something else in passing, now could be the time to encourage them to try it!

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