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Saturday, May 4, 2019

This post has been sponsored by Poise®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

 At 51, I've registered for my first 5K run. The thought of running my first 5k during midlife is incredibly exciting. However, I do have some reservations and concerns with running. And unfortunately, none of them involve my stamina or ability to run the distance. My concerns stem from my issues with light bladder leakage (LBL). We can't always know when light bladder leakage will strike, but I'm almost certain it will while I am running. Luckily, I'll be prepared with the Poise® Active Collection™ of ultra thin yet absorbent pads.

Poise Active pads are NEW and are an innovative product that will give you the protection and confidence you need to participate in the activities you've been avoiding. On a recent shopping trip to Target, I discovered Poise Active pads while shopping for vitamins. You can find the products in the area by the pharmacy where OTC medications and feminine care products are located. You can save on your purchase when you download the Target app and add this Cartwheel offer.

Several years ago, after having just been diagnosed with high blood pressure, my cardiologist recommended that I exercise enough to get my heart rate above 140 beats per minute. At the time, I didn't belong to a gym and the most effective way to get my heart rate up was to start running. And so I did. I slowly eased into increasing both my speed and my distance. Soon, I was up to running several miles per day.

And then I stopped. Not because I was bored or tired. Not because I lacked motivation or stamina. I stopped because, well, I had an embarrassing problem that was preventing me from running with ease and confidence. I had LBL. At the time, there wasn't a product on the market that addressed LBL. Forget running an entire race, I didn't even have the confidence to run a quarter mile.

Years have passed, and I have recently taken up running again. This time, I am doing it with help from Poise Active thin pads. Poise Active are for both exercise as well as everyday activity and movement. They are 5x drier than leading period pads and feature FitLoc Core that instantly locks in wetness and odor. They are also more comfortable than other pads I've worn and have no-slip wings that keep the pad in place so you can be active.

I am thrilled that I am finally able to resume running, an activity that I thoroughly enjoyed but refused to continue when light bladder leakage became a serious problem for me. I no longer dread my runs or become frustrated just after beginning my run.

If you suspect you are suffering from LBL, head to Target to purchase Poise Active Incontinence Pads (three sizes are available) and give them a try for yourself. Don't forget to take advantage of the Cartwheel offer.

With Poise Active, I leave the house prepared, confident, and ready to tackle my several mile run. No more worrying about leakage. No more worrying about a simple morning jog, yoga class, or a trip to the grocery store. Poise Active are the ideal light bladder leakage solution, and I love that they fit easily into my gym bag and purse and are perfect for any intensity workout or activity.

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