The Books I Read In April

Monday, May 6, 2019

This month didn't leave much time for reading. Between prepping and packing for our spring break trip and then being away for 5 days with little to no time to read, I only made it through two books this month. The first one was a quick read. The second one was a book that I anticipated to be a quick read since it was the final installment in a series that I love, but it was slightly slow and disappointing.

Here are the two books I read in April:

1. The Cast by Amy Blumenfeld    5/5 stars
I wasn't totally sold on this book when I downloaded it for $1, but I ended up absolutely loving it. It was a heartwarming story of friendships that started in high school and have lasted well into adulthood. A group of friends reunite over the Fourth of July to celebrate Becca’s good health, the silver anniversary of her surviving cancer. But the reunion doesn't go as planned. This is one of those books where you really get to know and love the characters and miss them when the book is over.

2. Shopaholic To The Rescue by Sophie Kinsella   3/5 stars
I really wanted to love this book. It's the final installment in Kinsella's "Shopaholic" series, and I really thought she'd go out with a bang. But this book was slow and lacked the momentum that the other books in this series were famous for. And the comedy of errors was old by the middle of the book. Maybe it's just not the type of book that grabs my attention anymore or maybe the book was redundant and bland. If you are a reader of the series, I certainly wouldn't skip this book, but don't expect too much.

What are you currently reading? Leave a comment if you have a recommendation for me.

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