The Best Farmers' Market Totes

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

I love farmers' markets. Not only do they have the best and freshest selection of produce, but they are also a chance to support local farmers and small businesses. Here at the Jersey shore, there's practically a farmers' market everyday in a different town. So, if you miss your favorite market on Saturday, chances are you can find an equally good one on Sunday or any other day of the week.

Canvas tote bags are an easy and inexpensive option and are great if you aren't planning to purchase a lot or any heavy items.
Straw totes are hot this summer. Whether you buy one for the sole purpose of using it to haul your farmers' market goodies or you use it as an everyday bag, a straw tote is a smart fashion investment.
Net totes are so stylish right now. They remind me of chic French women browsing outdoor Parisian markets. This type of bag, however, is best used for larger items that won't fall through the openings of the net, and that's what makes them idea for the farmers' market. Perfect for a baguette, avocados, apples, and other larger fruits and veggies.

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