Best Online Reads

Thursday, May 23, 2019

1. The best way to recharge according to your zodiac sign via PureWow.

2. Eight reasons first-class airfare is so expensive via Business Insider.

3. Why you should always fly with a tennis ball via Travel & Leisure.

4. Ten books that will help you escape reality this summer via Bloomberg.

5. How a bad diet affects your cancer risk via Popular Science.

6. Eight money-saving rules to follow when eating out via Apartment Therapy.

7. What it's like to be obsessed with perfection via Glamour.

8. Eleven surprising signs that you may want to get a second doctor's opinion via Bustle.

9. Arguments for making your bed every single day via Buzzfeed.

10. Seven reasons you should still keep a paper map in your glovebox via Art of Manliness.

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